Swim Year-Round

Drowning is the top accidental cause of death among children. The American Academy for Pediatrics found that swim lessons can help reduce the risk of drowning for children aged 1-4, and states it is a "must" for children aged 4 and up.
Rest easy knowing your child is safe and prepared for all water activities! Continuing your enrollment year-round will help to battle regression. In addition, swimming year-round will lead to a more confident and prepared swimmer next summer.

Our perpetual swim lessons work much like your Amazon or Netflix subscription; your child is enrolled continuously until they level/age out of the program, or you choose to unenroll.

Year round swim lessons are incredibly useful to children's development and safety. Often, we find that children regress when taking a break from swimming, and may not be prepared once summer comes back around. All their time and hard work could lapse if they do not actively practice their skills.

Swimming all year prevents drowning, gives children the opportunity for low-impact exercise when it is too cold outside for other activities, and teaches them cooperation and listening skills. Enjoy the winter in our 92 degree pool, and all year round!