• How does AquaKids® compare to other Swim Instruction Facilities?

    We use our own AquaSteps® curriculum, with emphasis on positive re-enforcement in every class, including positive praise and caring jesters rather than treat-based rewards or theme-based teaching. Our small class sizes and warm water facilitate the learning experience of your child. We are a member of the United States Swim School Association.

  • How can I register for classes at AquaKids®?

    Online, by phone, or in person at any AquaKids® location.  

    To enroll online, click "Enroll Online" button and choose a location. You will then be directed to the parent portal. To get started, if you are already a member of AquaKids® as of January 1, 2015, an account has been created for you.  Simply select "forgot password" and enter your email address on file at AquaKids®.  A password will be sent to you.  If it does not recognize the email you provide, but you have an account with us, please contact us about your account.
    If you are new to AquaKids®, simply create an account and log in. It's that easy!

    Please feel free to call if you have any questions with the login process or if you would like to enroll by phone.

    AquaKids® Fort Worth/Keller - 817-745-1000

    AquaKids® Flower Mound - 972-724-1528 

    AquaKids® McKinney - 972-843-9095

  • How do I make a payment online?

    If you would like to pay your account balance online, please see How to Make a Payment Online.

  • What is the make-up policy at AquaKids®?

    Each swimmer is entitled to one free make-up lesson each session and each additional make up is $5. The make-up fee is due at the time the lesson is scheduled. AquaKids® does not offer make-up lessons for swim camps. Private lesson make-up lessons are $10 each. Make ups cannot transfer to the next session also, they have to be made up within the session that was missed.

  • What age do you begin swim lessons?

    We begin swim lessons at 6 months of age in a mommy-and-me class. Our Waterbaby program begins with basic water safety and acclimation skills and progresses toward independent swimming for babies.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Although the registration fee is non-refundable, class tuition can be refunded up until 2 weeks prior to the start of class. Credits can be given in the event of medical emergencies.

  • What certifications and trainings are your staff required to complete?

    AquaKids® prides itself with a highly trained level of swim instructors and staff. All swim instructors are required to hold current CPR certifications and have completed 40 hours of the AquaSteps® Swim instructor training. Most instructors are also First Aid and Lifeguard certified as well.  All employees are required to successfully pass a drug test at the time of their hire as well as pass a background screening.  Every month, two employees per location are also chosen, at random, to pass a drug test.  We hold monthly in-sessions in order to share the latest techniques as well as make sure that your child is getting the best instruction available.

  • Will my swimmer be successful and pass the level in one session?

    Although not guaranteed, most of our participants do complete the level by the end of the session. If your swimmer has any special needs or circumstances, please discuss these with an AquaKids® manager in order to better accommodate your swimmer’s needs.

  • What if I am not sure what level my child should be in?

    AquaKids® will be happy to schedule a free evaluation lesson to determine the class level in which your child should be placed. Please contact us for more information.

  • What if I enroll for a class and my schedule changes or my child is too advanced for his class?

    As long as there is availability, you are always welcome to transfer to another class for any reason. There is no charge to transfer to a different class.

  • What should my child bring to his class?

    Your child should come prepared to swim with a swim suit and a towel. Although goggles are not required, we recommend that your child brings his own goggles to class. Changing rooms are available for your changing needs. Children under the age of 3 are required to wear a non-disposable swim diaper. These diapers and other products are available for purchase at your nearest AquaKids®.

  • Do I get anything special for referring my friends, neighbors, or family to AquaKids®?

    Yes! For each family who enrolls for swimming classes here at AquaKids® and mentions your name at the time of registration, you will receive one free swim bag of your choosing. Please contact the front desk in order to receive your free swim bag.

  • If my child is progressing quicker than the class, will you promote him during the session?

    Absolutely! Our AquaSteps® learn-to-swim program is structured in a way that allows for consistent progress over the length of the session. Ocasionally, we do have students who are progressing at a quicker pace than the rest of the class. When this happens, the Deck Manager will assist you in finding a convenient class time at the next level.

  • Does AquaKids® offer adult lessons?

    Yes! However, due to the variety of skill levels among adults, the lessons must be scheduled in private lessons. Click here for more information on private lessons.

  • What is your student-teacher ratio?

    Our class sizes are the smallest in the industry! Waterbaby-1 and Waterbaby-2 classes have a student-teacher ratio of 6:1. These classes are parent participation. All classes after Waterbaby-2 have a student-teacher ratio of 4:1. These class sizes are perfect for allowing for one-on-one instruction in a group setting. We emphasize quick turns in order to keep the students active and involved. Swim Team class sizes vary by location due to pool sizes.

  • Are once-per-week lessons enough for a child to develop strong swimming skills?

    Yes! Long-term lessons result in retention and mastery of skills. Our swimmers are successful because our AquaSteps® learn-to-swim program is cohesive, linking one drill to the next and building upon each child’s success from skill to skill, lesson to lesson. Children have short attention spans and 30 minute lessons are perfect for maximizing each lesson.

  • What do I do if my child cries during class?

    It is common for young children to feel some separation anxiety when you first come to lessons. When you register for one of our swim sessions, begin talking to your child about how much fun the lessons are going to be. Starting that positive talk and excitement BEFORE coming to class will excite your child and start him out on a path of less resistance. When it is time for class to begin, give your child one final word of encouragement prior to handing him to your Deck Manager. If your child cries, give our staff a few weeks to work our magic as we attempt to get your child to enjoy the water and swim lessons. Make sure to continue with the praise and positive talk throughout the week after the first lesson. The crying usually resolves itself after a couple lessons when the upset child sees the other children in his or her class enjoying lessons. At this point, the child and instructor have developed a bond of trust and the child is likely to begin to enjoy lessons. If your child is still having a difficult time coming to lessons and does not seem to be enjoying them after a couple weeks, speak to your Facility Manager so that we can develop a plan for getting the child to enjoy the water and swim lessons.